Friday, January 4, 2008

Evil Eye

Based on a recent survey conducted by moi, 78% of the Jordanian population has been hit by evil eye.

Acute cases of evil eye in Jordan include:

- Accidents that incidentally happen to involve speeding as well.
- Flunking exams even though the flunker rarely practiced what is known as studying.
- Illness where the patient consumed everything that precedes the word free on a food box.
- Divorce where the couple had all the elements of a perfect relationship if it were not for those evil eyers.

Why is evil eye so prominent here, while it could find a much better and more fertile soil in say "Hollywood"? Imagine how much fun evil eye would have with Britney Spears or Angelina Jollie. Then again, maybe all the mess that Britney Spears is in is due to evil eye!!!! You never know....

Knock on wood I was never big on this evil eye thing!

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