Thursday, February 1, 2007

Realpolitik: that's amore!

An article announcing the recent Israeli vice prime minister Shimon Peres visit to Qatar ended by highlighting that: “Qatar and several other Arab states ended an economic ban on Israel after it signed interim peace accords with the Palestinians in 1993, but relations worsened after a Palestinian uprising broke out in 2000”.

What changed between year 2000 and today? Last time I checked, some of the findings were:

1. The oppression of the Palestinians by the Israelis is still ongoing.
2. The illegal occupation of Palestinian land is still ongoing.
3. The Intifada has evolved into a pretext for Israel to apply systematic state terrorism and blatant violations of international law.
4. 869 Palestinian children have been killed by Israelis. An average of 12 children per month.
5. 3,272 Palestinian civilians have been killed. An average of 45 civilians killed per month.
6. 248 targeted people have been assassinated.
7. 198 bystanders have been killed in the course of an assassination.
8. 29,000 Palestinians have been injured. An average of 73 injuries per month.
9. An apartheid wall extending in some places up to 20 km inside Palestinian territory with a projected length of 790 km despite a border with Israel of less than 200km is being erected. A clear attempt by Israel to confiscate Palestinian land, facilitate further expansion of illegal settlements, and unilaterally redraw geopolitical borders while encouraging an exodus of Palestinians by denying them the ability to earn a living from their land, reach their schools or work places, access adequate water resources and access essential health care facilities.

My common sense tells me that not much has happened to call for the improvement of the relations between Qatar and Israel if (and here "IF" is the operative word) the worsening happened on the account of solidarity with the Palestinians.

Wishy washy attempts to stand by the Palestinians are offensive, hypocritical, insensitive, and cowardly. I would much rather read headlines such as the one shown in September 2005 whereby "the Qatari foreign minister openly stated that his country may establish official relations with Jerusalem before the establishment of a Palestinian state", than have to put up with dismissing the obvious and having to continuously decipher the intrigue of this scrupulous love affair.


Anonymous said...

Finally!!! Thank you for this well written account. To be honest with you, I was getting a bit demoralized by all of my Arab friends giving up on the Palestinian issue. The worst bit was my Jordanian and Palestinian friends who seem to have accepted the atrocities...

how's your brother?

Tallouza said...

Agree. Maybe giving up is one way of keeping up. Sounds pathetic, I know.
My brother's brother is fine:-)

Anonymous said...

what is left when illusion ends?

Anonymous said...

one more thing, we sometimes think that the future will free us of the past. only the present can free us of the past. more time can not free us of time.