Monday, January 7, 2008

Freedom for Marwan..I Mean Farhan!!!

Prior to December 2007, I had never heard of Fouad al-Farhan.

Farhan was arrested in Saudi Arabia in early December 2007. His arrest was due to something he wrote on his blog. It was an eyewitness account. Some people with censorship abilities did not like what he had to recount.

Chances are that I might have never ever heard of Fouad, and more important I might have never been exposed to the danger he poses, had it not been to the great forces of good that arrested him.

Thanks to the geniuses who still believe that censorship works and that nothing has changed since Al-Gore invented the Internet, the story of Farhan is now reported in The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, BBC, and so on. Daddy Bush is now being urged to bring up the release of Farhan during his scheduled trip to the region this week.

If this issue ever comes up between the Saudis and the their American Warlords, I would love to be a fly on the wall listening in.

For those of you with censorship abilities, I am only kidding about the fly thing!


dima m.a. said...

am sure that mr busht i mean bush is going to make sure during his visit that they r going to allow women to drive their OWN cars and also he will make sure before he leaves that all women must take off their burgo3 and will consider the hijab enough as an "hair cover "for the time being!!

Tallouza said...

Imagine what Saudi women are busy worrying about while Argentina, India, Chile, Liberia, have women presidents. USA is having a woman presidential candidate; Germany has a woman prime minister...and numerous women cabinet members all over the world.
Some will still argue that women in that part of the world are much better treated than anywhere in the world. Maybe so, if feeding, clothing, housing, funding, abusing, disrespecting, constitute Saudi male-defined women inalienable rights.

man! said...

women!!! a pain in the ass!