Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rum Music and Tareq Alnasser

Tareq Alnasser and Rum Music are the joy and pride of Jordan.
I just came back from their concert and they were AWESOME!

As I was watching them, I thought to myself what they are doing is not easy....they must have had a lot of difficulties that could have made them give up before they even started. What I saw this evening was obviously a beautiful result of how great persistence and resilience can be.

I am so proud that we can boast such an impressive, fun, and extremely talented musical group.
This group really reflect the great country that Jordan is.


kinzi said...

It is a banner day! Four very positive posts about cool things in Jordan on Qwaider Planet!

Glad you enjoyed the concert! It seems most of the young ladies I knew were going. I am so out of touch with local music I thought is was a Desert Heat type thing, where it was IN Rum, not teh name of teh band. :S

Tallouza said...

Hi Kinzi...I would highly recommend their music and their live performances. By the way I haven't been able to go to Qweider site...Is it still the same web address?

Marvin the Martian said...

How fun!

NasEr said...

they were superb .i was going to blog about it and upload vids,after the wedding tho mesh faid :d

ابراهيم كريّم said...

It sounds interesting! I have never heard of this group before. It may take me sometime to get used to this style of music. but, Thanks you ya Tallouza for introducing me to something new.