Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The Friday before appointing Saleh Gallab head of the country's number 1 media corporation, namely Jordan Radio and Television Corp., he was busy attacking a group of individuals for simply asserting their right for free speech. This was during an interview on JTV's "60 minutes" news show. Gallab's logic was twisted, language uncivilized, and motives totally exposed. He was simply spouting venom.

Are we to blame if we do not believe what we hear in the official media about free speech (freedom including freedom from being demonized and from the systematic unleashing of paid attack dogs) , or should we continue to be skeptics and to continue reading between the lines? Well come to think of it, in this case the lines are no longer in between but rather "headlines".

Sadly, the message of this appointment is loud and clear.


hamede said...

المضحك إنه عندما كنا في بيروت عام ١٩٧٦ كان صالح القلاب يلقي خطابات في قاعة الإتحاد العام لطلبة الأردن بإسقاط النضام و إقامة نظام ديمقراطي ،عمل مع أبو عمار في جريدة فلسطين الثورة ،بعد أن عاد إلى عمان أصبح وزير إعلام ،هناك شهود على ذلك لا يزالون أحياء منهم الكاتب موفق محادين ،الكاتب أمجد ناصر،السياسي محمود النوايسة و غيرهم

Marvin the Martian said...

Ugh... I hope you can continue to speak your mind, so eloquently!

kinzi said...

Tallouza, zamaan 3anik!

Good to see you again, fun to have been on your mind :)

Marvin the Martian said...

Tallouza, where are you? ;-)

Tallouza said...

MTM...thanks for your comment..You see I listened:-) R u on Twitter?