Friday, May 9, 2008

Farewell Lucy!

On May 7 I lost Lucy.

Lucy was poisoned by the Shouneh municipality in the Jordan Valley. She was 6 years old.

I will not get into the cruelty of putting down stray animals in this way. Let alone being indiscriminate in doing so and killing animals that have homes and are held dear by their owners.

Lucy was a super friendly and a well-trained dog. She befriended all the neighbors and everybody knew her around here. She probably was on her way to visiting one of the many neighbors who all considered her as theirs. I used to love hearing the kids call her name whenever we would go for walks. She especially loved my next-door neighbors. Their Friday BBQs were vital in building this relationship.

I will miss Lucy a lot. She was my buddy. There was a special bond between us. She always gave me the impression that she could guess my mood. And she always managed to lift it up whenever it was down.

I loved how protective she was. I also loved how tolerant she was towards things she deemed acceptable by me. Despite her hatred of cats, she learnt to be protective of my mother’s cat “Fulla” simply because she knew that this cat was part of her family.

The loss of Lucy breaks my heart. It really does. This is the first weekend that I am here without having her come greet me at the door. I miss listening to her bark and footsteps outside. The Ghor without Lucy is not the same.

3antar is now all what is left of Lucy. He is her one-year old son.


Mohanned said...

It's not only animals. This is the fate of the powerless.

و زي ما بقول المثل: إلي خلف ما مات:)

Tala said...

hello there, im sorry for your loss, why did the shouneh municipality do that, did they think she was a stray dog?? or did someone make a complain?

we had a dog in Irbid, and it jumped off the fence to our neighbors so they intentionally strangled her though it did that before and she did no harm, i lost my mind when my dad told me, but i couldnt do anything since she was on their property, her name was misha.

i have 3 dogs in Amman, i found one on the way home, she looks like lucy and i was looking for someone to take her, i was considering taking her to the animal shelter, but i'd rather give her to people who would take care of her because i wont count on the center as its co-run by GAM that they wont shoot her or poison her or mistreat her.

i can send you some pictures of her, if you would consider having her.

Tallouza said...

Thanks Mohanned! One more group to add to the disenfranchised list :-)

tala, thank you so much for your sweet message. I think they thought she was a stray dog considering that she was caught doing her usual neighborhood tour. Thanks a lot for offering the dog you recently adopted. I really appreciate it. When adopting pets I usually like to start by spending lots of time with them. Unfortunately these days I am too busy to stick around for that. Thanks anyway:-) Good luck with finding her a home!