Monday, April 21, 2008

America’s Falafel

McDonald’s is America’s Falafel.

Our McDonald's is Falafel.

How I wish that things remained this way!

Instead we have opted to replace our highly nutritious fast food with pure garbage. Junk food with fancy names offering processed to death meat, chicken that looks like it had just gone through cosmetic surgery, and food that is high in calorie and low in everything else.

I am always happy to see the kings of Shawerma and Falafel doing so well. Even if this means traffic jams at the first or the third circles in Jebel Amman. What I see in this jam is a tradition that is still alive in this part of town….a tradition that is dying in many parts of Amman….a tradition that has offered us human food for humane prices.

We grew up accustomed to falafel and humus during some evenings and for breakfast on many Fridays….I hope we do not lose this very dear part of our lives for the sake of some fancy clown parachuting on us in the name of globalization and free trade.


za3tar said...

Yislam tummak/tummik.
I agree with everything you said. It is sad what our society is turning into.

Tallouza said...

Za3tar...tummik:-) Let us not forget the famous man'oosheh with za3tar (and lots of olive oil), or the man'oosheh with the famous nabulsi cheese..yum yum.

Lorraine said...

Forgive me for intruding, I am not Lebanese but was searching for Lulu wa Tabboush and came upon your blog. My husband (from Tripoli) used to talk to me about that a lot and I would love to see a picture of the characters, but cannot find any anywhere on the Net. Do you know if it was called Little Lulu in English? Do you have a picture of them somewhere?

Man'oosheh, nabulsi, molokhia, za3tar. Y'allatif, you are making me hungry! :0) Molokhia is one of my favourites too, I should make some soon, along with m'saqaa, lahmbajine and mouhamara :0) (not sure about my spelling...) And jazarieh from before the war, when it was so sooo good. Yumm!

I don't know why anyone would go to MacDonalds... I am very sorry you have them too now.


Tallouza said...

Lorraine, The cartoon is "Little Lulu and Tubby". This is how they look like
Arabic cuisine is the best. Jazarieh sounds delicious. I never had it. Thanks for visiting Tallouza!

Lorraine said...

OK! that is what I suspected, THANK YOU! There are quite a few for sale on eBay but in English. So THAT is who they have been telling me about all this time :0) I know it a bit from when I was little.

Yes, Arabic cuisine is the very best! Jazarieh is a sweet, a Tripoli specialty I believe, a sort of translucent gel made from carrots, with pistachios and lots of other good stuff in it. Miam miam! I truly hope you have the opportunity to try it one day. Good pistachios are harder to get now but hopefully one day it will be as before.

Thank you so much for the picture of Lulu wa Tabboush!