Monday, September 1, 2008

Naughty Abbas!

Ehud Olmert once again spared no effort in publicly humiliating Mahmoud Abbas while cameras were rolling for what was supposed to be a photo-op during their recent meeting.  Mahmoud Abbas in turn spared no effort in once again confirming to the whole world what a measly weakling he is.  

This took place when the despicable crooked and absolutely disgusting Olmert rebuked Abbas for meeting with Samir Qantar.  As if it were any of his business.  Abbas seemed apologetic and if I heard correctly he claimed that he was taken by surprise by this meeting.

Olmert lectured Abbas on how "he is a man of peace and how he should meet people of peace".  

If this is the case then Abbas had no business sitting with a crooked, Nazi, and outright racist named Olmert.  If Abbas was not insulted by the belittling and the complete disregard for the office he holds by being publicly scolded by a scoundrel, well let me break some news to you Abbas...every Palestinian with an iota of dignity was.

For God's sake Abbas, have some backbone and let us for once feel that the Palestinians are sort of in good hands.  Your response was such a disgrace, I am absolutely appalled.

President Abbas, on this first day of Ramadan, how about I suggest that you skip fasting from food and start practicing fasting from salivating over and kissing the ass of those who have publicly exposed yours.  God will probably forgive you for not fasting, but I doubt you will ever be forgiven for selling your soul and making a pact with the devil!


marooned84 said...

as if Abbas would even care! and I don't think he's fasting anyway, he's eating palestenian money day and night :)

Ali said...

Does he have any legitimacy in the Palestinians eyes even? I remember since day one that I heard his name I decided not to respect him since he was so "eager to please".

Hani Obaid said...

Before he gets offended for holding the office of Palestinian President, the office has to really exist.

the more appropriate job title is beggar, and we all know beggars can't be choosers.