Monday, March 31, 2008

A check list

I need to check on the following:

Mohammad Al-Durra:
Mohammad would have been twenty this year. He was killed in year 2000 by the Israeli army in cold blood. Even though the whole world knows that Al-Durra was killed by the Israeli army, no one nation with the so-called moral authority has ever attempted to bring Al-Durra's killers to justice. His killers are still at large.

Sami Al-Hajj:
Still in prison and on hunger strike for over a year now.

Still under siege. No idea on whether Fatah and Hamas are friends again. The last thing I heard is that the Palestinian negotiator Azzam Al-Ahmad was unable to reach President Abbas to get his OK for the deal proposed by the Yemenis for peace between Fatah and Hamas. Abbas was unreachable because he was meeting with US vice president Cheney. Azzam went ahead and signed only to find out later that he had no authority to act. And they expect us to believe this! Give me break!

Still under US occupation. Lost count of everything else.

latest pretext to hold the country hostage still holds: no president. I am now looking forward for the sequel showcasing the talent of the Lebanese in ruining their country. Ya haram!

The level of presentation of all the countries at the recent summit was intended to either humiliate or support Syria. I personally was glad the summit took place. It was a crash course in showing the divisions created in the Middle East by the latest version of the cold war. It clearly showed the shift from bipolar world to a multi polar one. With one polar having the lion's share in the Arab particular in countries whose leaders did not attend!

Egypt bread:
Managed to do what Israel failed to. It mobilized the army.

Fouad Al-Farhan:
112 days in prison and counting.

The latest wave of Israeli settlements in Palestine:
Still premature to check on them. Need to come back when they become a de facto matter.

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Ali said...

that doesn't even include rest of non-arab Muslim world....siiiiigghhh