Friday, February 29, 2008

Adventure Tourism in Afghanistan!

Six weeks is how long Prince Harry was able to be "all that he can be" in Afghanistan. His adventure holiday was cut short from the original ten weeks that he was scheduled to spend due to a media leak. My gut feeling tells me that the leak was an intentional one orchestrated to bail out the prince from what seems to have turned out less fun than anticipated. The staging of the news was done brilliantly where adventure, urgency, Rambo, cool, 007, secrecy, heroism, royalty, glitter, sex appeal, and patriotism were all packaged in one headline. If a picture could tell a thousand words, the picture of Prince Harry told a million to a carefully targeted audience. The message was simply that “War is Sexy and we have Prince Harry to prove it". 

It must be a very hard sell for the USA and the UK to recruit for the wars they have staged in the Middle East when they have a very hard time sticking to one version of why they did start these wars to begin with. Prince Harry should make their task a bit easier now.

Although Prince Harry will be leaving Afghanistan sooner than expected, he and his battle group did perform heroic feats in preventing terrorism and in keeping the world safe. International Herald Tribune reports that "since Harry's arrival, his battle group has been responsible for around 30 enemy deaths".

The prince should join all the legends who throughout the past have served at romanticizing the invasion, colonization and violation of our lands. Great Britain seems to get the lion’s share of these great warriors with Lawrence of Arabia and now Harry of Afghanistan!  

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