Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Love Jeopardy Game

You have to guess the word described.

1. The lightheadedness and state of bliss one feels after that first kiss with that very special someone.
What is rapture?
After his first kiss Omar walked around in rapture for days.

2. To kiss and caress.
What is spoon?
Under the moon in June sweethearts spoon and swoon.

3. To stare at something wolfishly.
What is Ogle?
Some men can’t help but ogle women walking by.

4. Spiritual love.
What is agape?
I gape at the selfless purity of agape.

5. Heat of passion.
What is ardor?
If two colleagues fell in love, there would be ardor in the workplace.

If you are impressed, don’t be! I got these from February’s edition of Reader’s Digest.

I wish you lots of ardor mixed with spooning that would put your head in serious rapture…As for agape we will leave it to the birds for now…..and no ogling please!

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