Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jordan Television’s Latest Mandate: Headhunter for the Kuwaiti Government!

On Jordan Television’s (Jtv) 8 o’clock main news bulletin today, the newscaster announced that the Kuwaiti government is seeking teachers in various disciplines; and like a good headhunter he went on to give instructions for those qualified and are interested in applying on how to submit their applications.

1. Is this really news that should be broadcast on the main TV news bulletin?
2. Has the world run out of news that we now have to resort to broadcasting such ass-kissing gestures?
3. Does anyone believe that the Kuwaiti Television (or any other Television for that matter) would ever announce on their main news bulletin Jordan’s recruitment requirements for employees in let’s say the hospitality and banking sectors?
4. Does the recent visit of the Kuwaiti Prime Minister to Jordan have anything to do with modifying the mandate of Jtv?
5. Until when will we keep on witnessing substandard work produced by Jtv and financed by our tax money?

Finally, the 8 o’clock news editor seems to be living in La-La Land. A brief survey of all the major sectors in Jordan, and one finds that brain drain and the severe shortage of skilled and qualified labor seem to be the biggest challenge to the proper development of Jordan. Advocating flight of skilled workers on the national TV network is really embarrassing.

If we are so desperate for the remittances and money transfers made by Jordanians working overseas, it does not hurt to be a bit tactful about it. "iza bulleetom fastatiroo"


Mohanned said...

My first time here..
Firstly, the picture is awsome..
Secondly, why don't you submit your blog to an aggregator? I suggest Qwaider planet..More people will get the chance to read your stuff..

Now regarding the post..The brain drain serves the goal of authoritarian rule..If all the good minds and the people with the power to change things stayed home, their castle and their milking cow will be in great danger..

In a way it works for both sides, expats get more money and the country is left for the corrupt elite to suck on what is left..The only loser is Jordan..

So sad...

Tallouza said...

Hello Mohanned! Glad you like the picture. The dog in the picture is a serious regular of Wadi Rum :-)
Thanks for your comment. I am still new to the blogging business...it is a great pass time and an amazing way to connect with people. I will look into the aggregator business.

You are right about the ultimate loser of the brain drain in Jordan. In reality, it is becoming an impossible task to find qualified skilled people. After a while one gets accustomed to mediocrity and finding good people becomes an exception rather than the rule...After you finish your PhD, I hope you come straight home :-)

mr.anonymous said...

I got an sms ad about this the other day.
It's all about the money,and almost everything in the world got a price tag..and yes as its said..everything but humans!!

Tallouza said...

mr, anoymous...E-government at its worse