Friday, February 15, 2008

Sweets For My Sweets!

Have you ever had a dessert that tasted so good it made you gradually slow down in eating it so it takes longer to finish?

This thought crossed my mind this morning as I was having a most wonderful conversation with my mother. My mother and I start our days with a usual good morning and short debriefing call every weekday. On weekends this morning telephone visit is prolonged in order to cover the week in review in addition to some recipe talk, Fulla (her cat) talk, occasional gardening issues where both of us are never happy with the gardeners nor with the state of our modest produce, and of course the crucial gossip we might have missed out about one of my sisters. I am sure she holds the same gossip sessions about me with my other sisters. I am also sure that I will never find out from my sisters what my mother thinks or disapproves of as far as my life is concerned. My only consolation is that they will also never find out from me either.

This morning I realized that my mother is the sweets in my life; she has always been the dessert that only got tastier and tastier with time. I also realized that I had to savor this dessert as slowly and as carefully as possible since it is, like anything else in life, bound to finish after sometime (long time I hope).

The only reason for this doom and gloom thinking is the age of my mother. She is getting old. For some reason I am starting to feel the pressure of time. I am starting to feel the need to gradually slow down and seize every possible moment with her. It is extremely comforting to know that she is in excellent health physically, mentally, and morally. In fact I am always amazed at the level of energy she has to be there for every one of her kids, grandkids, and friends. She never misses out on any occasion to be present where she can share the joy or the sadness with someone close. She is always there…always. Never make the mistake to say that you feel like having something in front of her, because you can be sure that she will make it for you. She is so full of love; no chocolate bar in the world could fill you with so much warmth.

I have always felt extremely grounded. I have always stood on solid grounds. I have always felt extremely fortunate. I have always been a happy person...a contented person. All of these blessings have been because I have had the most amazing anchor of all….all of these blessings have been because I have had the most amazing angels of all...all of these blessings have been because I have had the unconditional love and approval of a most wonderful person I call "mama".

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