Monday, March 3, 2008

Foresight is 20/20

I am a psychic with the sharp vision of a falcon when it comes to Palestine. What’s happening in Gaza is dumbfounding. What is more shocking is the universal silence towards what is clearly a premeditated attempt for collective punishment and massacres of innocent civilians. This is Tal el-Za3tar all over again! This is Sabra and Shatila all over again! This is Jenin all over again! This is the oppressed becoming the oppressor! This is the Nazis once again!

I can tell you with great certainty what the repercussions are going to be for Israel, the neo-Nazi predator nation of today, NOTHING. My next prediction is that the Arabs will issue a strongly worded  lukewarm condemnation. There will be an attempt aimed for media consumption to investigate the latest "disturbances" in Gaza. Some group of ministers might be lucky enough to get an unexpected vacation at Sharm E-Sheikh. The good news is that for those who are annoyed by this trouble maker called Gaza, not to worry, the whole issue will be forgotten in a matter of few days.

My bumper sticker analysis of the situation is that Hamas has not been nice to America, so now America is bringing its sanctioned version of democracy to Palestine. Luckily enough, America has plenty of agents to assist it in doing so. 

While we are at it, remember Mohammed Al-Durra? Well there are serious claims now in court by Zionists contending that "al-Durra could not have been killed by Israeli fire"!!!!!  This is but another example of Israel's audacity in dealing with its crimes and more important another version of state terrorism that Israel is getting away with.  Unfortunately, this is also the sort of vigilance that Arabs have kept over cases of terrorism aimed against them.

And.......this is the sorry state that we Arabs find ourselves in today. 

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