Monday, March 3, 2008

Holocaust in Gaza: No “Breaking News” for CNN

This morning while downloading my e-mails, I received a “CNN Breaking News” e-mail message. Given that there is a Holocaust being committed by Israel against the Palestinians, I was sure that the news was going to be about Gaza. I was wrong; it was about the President of Ecuador ordering troops to the borders with Colombia.

This got me curious so I went back to check what CNN breaking news messages I had received in the past few days. Sure enough there were few CNN breaking news alerts and sure enough none was about Gaza.

Had the situation been reversed, and had Israel been the subject of holocaust threats by a Palestinian official, and had tens of Israeli women, children and innocent civilians been slaughtered by Palestinian attacks, would this have been treated any differently by CNN?

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Mohanned said...

The US of A is busy with what obama said, and what clinton did.