Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nostalgic songs

Madonna's Isola Bonita was playing on the radio this evening while I was driving back home from work. Suddenly I had so many memories rushing in reminding me of my high school and college years. So I decided to recall back all the songs that I could remember and that were part of a very special time of my life.

I'll be watching you (Police): High school in Massachussets. Parties full of kegs and wild kids going absolutely mad.

I just called to say I love you: Italy days. Window shopping during the fall in Via Nazionale in Rome. Wishing that someone would call me to tell me so.

I can’t fight this feeling (REO Speedwagon): The first concert I went to during my freshman year in college. I remember crying because I was home sick.

I want my MTV (Dire Straits): College years. Gingris student union and our hang outs there.

Cheri Cheri Lady (Modern Talking): Undergraduate years in Connecticut. For some reason this group reminds me of a ski trip that I did with a bunch of friends. One of which I had a serious crush on.

Girl From Ipanema (Ella Fitzgerald): Super fun summers in Perugia.

Embrace me (Tania Maria): More fun summers in Perugia.

Ahmad Jamal: The greatest Jazz painest of all time. Umbria Jazz, how I fell in love with Jazz.

Material Girl : The beginning of my fascination with Madonna. I still can remember how mesmerized I was with this video clip.

Relax (Frankie goes to Hollywood): Well all I remember is that I had no clue what this song was all about. Naive does not even begin to describe it :-)

I wear my sunglasses at night: The drives my friend Ahmad and I used to take in the countryside of Connecticut on our way to our horseback riding classes. Ahmad was fascinated with the notion of wearing sunglasses at night. He actually used to do it. Amazing how I always think of him and those famous rides everytime I hear this song.

You came (Kim Wilde): Washington DC, Arlington Virginia, and the beginning of a dangerous liaison.

Papa don’t preach: No comment. No not me. Irene and some wild Kuwaiti dude :-)

True Faith (New Order): Irene without the Kuwaiti dude

Happy man (Chicago): The best dedication I ever got. No dedication will ever be the same.

I can see clearly now: The day I was informed that I got a job of a lifetime. I remember driving in Washignton DC with the volume blasting while listening to this song. Mind you part of the reason for the overwhelming joy then was the fact that I was broke.

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