Monday, June 9, 2008

People I admire and why

Nasser the office boy. Exemplary work ethic.
Nelson Mandela. The light at the end of the tunnel.
The street cleaners. Thanks to them we can freely brag about how clean our city is.
Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashed Al-Maktoum.  His guts leading his country to glory.
The guy whose advertising is seen all over Jordan about his farm fencing services “LeTashyeek mazare3kom”. Persistence, persistence, persistence!
Robert Fisk. The synthesis of courage and integrity.
Prince Khalid Al-Faisal. A true gentleman.
Sellers at Friday’s Souk Jara. Entrepreneurship at its best.
My sister. Her zest for life.
Mohammad Al-Asad. For always reminding me how much I love Amman.
My mother. Her beautiful heart.


Maher said...

Good point about that "fencing" Guy lol

Mohanned said...

You sure about maktoum? The multiple wives, the corruption, the racism, the camel kids gate, and many more? Oh an his new 300 million dollar yacht..Or maybe the planes?

Tallouza said...

Maher...welcome to Tallouza!

Mohanned....There are very few people if any who could claim doing anything remotely close to what Sheikh Mohammad did for his own country. As for the frivolous spending, well at least he is spending his own money. As for the camel kids, they are no longer racing. They have been replaced by robots.
The leadership, vision, and charisma of Sheikh Mohammad are enough to make me admire him while at the same time feeling a little envious :-).

Mohanned said...

His own money?!! Are you serious? Then I guess we can call all arab countries Ranches! By the way, dubai is a big bubble..
And don't forget how they treat foreigners, I saw an interview with him once, I almost threw up..

Ali said...

I am afraid I agree with mohanned. I generally find it very hard to admire politicians/monarchs.

Tallouza said...

Sheikh Moammad is adored by his people, brought about prosperity to his people, built his people one of the most dynamic cities in the world, gave his constituents a home they feel tremendously proud of. He reinvested his country's wealth to produce more wealth for his people (and himself too). He had a dream and he had the guts to do all what it takes to make it a reality. Is this bad? Liking or disliking him, it cannot be denied, that he, notwithstanding what some might perceive as his faults, is an impressive man.

The admiration of Sheikh Mohammad has nothing to do with the fact that he is a monarch. It has everything to do with what Dubai was just 10 years ago and what it is today. It is that simple.