Sunday, June 15, 2008

Signs you are getting old(er)

When calls for any type of recruits specify candidates born after the year you finished college
When MTV comes on and you hardly know any of the groups playing
When the combined age of several colleagues at the office starts equaling yours
When you start switching to anti-ageing facial creams
When you start looking ridiculous calling someone 3ammo (even though he had always been 3ammo)
When men start asking for your baby niece’s hand
When most of the actors you grew up watching pass away
When the cool songs you grew up listening to become "classics"
When certain clubs become off limit and certain restaurants become inappropriate “FOR PEOPLE YOUR AGE”
When some of your childhood friends end up as some hot shot in some hot post (mostly government)
When your friends start having cholesterol problems
When your married friends start getting divorced
AND....When your single friends stop considering marriage


Hareega said...

LOL good ones

Twitter mate said...

True, I've started to notice those signs... old wa afte5er :)