Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Why would anyone spend $200 billion on a project connecting the Gulf Arab region with Muslim Africa. A 28.5-kilometre bridge is the project's centerpiece and it will carry vehicles, trains, natural gas and water. Other components of the project are two cities in Djibouti and Yemen. The bridge aims to provide a safe route between the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa region, as the waterway between them is highly dangerous due to Somali pirates. "I am sure there are much cheaper ways of controlling these pirates!!!" More important, I don't understand why this is the best use of $200 billion in two of the poorest of the world’s low-income countries where more than 45 percent and 42 percent of the Yemeni and Djiboutian populations respectively live in poverty. why?

Why would anyone want to be on one of the zillion diffferent lists that come out every five minutes? Lately we have seen the power 100, Arabian Business Women, the world's most influential people, The world's billionaires, the world's richest Arabs, the world's this and the world's that. I really do not get it why would anyone be interested in such idiotic lists...why?

Why would any Arab care who wins the American presidential elections? I really do not understand why we always keep on fooling ourselves by protrarying one candidate as Arab friendly while the other is Israel friendly. Isn't it time we learn that there is only Israel friendly when it comes to the Amercian Presdient. Didn't we learn our lesson with G.W. Bush? The truth of the matter is both candidates are always two faces for the same coin. Did we forget Harry Truman's words in 1948 during an election year when he claimed that "the Arabs need us more than we need them.” Implicit was the underlying message that Jews were more important to Truman’s election than Arabs. As Truman himself once said: “I’m sorry, gentlemen, but I have to answer to hundreds of thousands who are anxious for the success of Zionism. I do not have hundreds of thousands of Arabs among my constituents.” Why would things be any different now...why?


Mohanned said...

yesterday I was thinking about the arab and muslim influence on the US elections and came up with this plan: Most of the arabs and muslims reside in blue states that always go blue, but if you look at the jewish vote they reside in what is called swing states where a thousand votes make a huge difference..So why not arabs relocate into those swing states?

On a side note, I am addicted to the US elections, it is not about who is bad and who is the less of two evils..It is between someone who uses logic, listens to others, and at some point showed sympathy and understanding to the palastenian struggle..And between someone who has joe liberman over his shoulder telling him what to say..I don't know, I don't feel that there will be a major change but a minor change can prove to be advantagous at least to jordan, I know for a fact that the regime would prefer the republican or hillary..So hopefully obama will tie his aid to jordan to real ..

As for the bridge to no-where..I don't think it will ever happen..It doesn't make sense, so maybe it is just one of those hoola projects that get media attention and never see their reality..You know like jordan and the gazzillion dollar projects we have been hearing about since like 2000..

Mohanned said...

to real reform..

I have to keep reminding myself that saying the word in your mind doesn't mean you actually typed it :)

Tallouza said...

I always wonder why the Arabs have not gotten their act together yet in the USA. The impact of active lobbying coupled with active particiption by constituents were highlighted as ealrly as 1948. On the mobilization and organization fronts the Arabs today in America have entities such Arab American Institute (AAI) as well as Arab American Anti Discrimination Committee (ADC) that could play a pivotal role in strengthening the Arab vote. On the funding front, Arab wealth needs no introduction. I really do not get it. The sad thing is that whenever an Arab American makes it in politics and achieves positions of influence, I noticed they somehow start distancing themselves from their roots and they start sounding and acting as if they are self hating. Maybe we should start by benchmarking ourselves against a formula that works: AIPACC....maybe we should see what they are doing right and try to follow suit.

Tallouza said...

Mohanned...I meant AIPAC...American Israeli Public Affairs Committee...America's Pro-Israel lobby. I wish someone could run an exercise to show the amount of money that all the Arab countries have squandered over the past 40 years on so called lobbyists advocating Arab interests in the USA. I won't be surprised if we have managed to bank roll the retirement accounts of various retired old farts with absolutely nothing in return to show for in terms of deliverables. It seems that we have mastered the act of hiring big shots, big name agencies who have so far done diddly-squat.

Mohanned said...

The lobbying for arabs are done on a state by state base..For example saudi arabia lobby for its interests and theirs only which is: don't ask don't tell..We even have our own lobbying agenda, but sadly the lobbying isn't for the people, it is for the regimes..As such we shouldn't expect them to lobby for our causes.

To make an impact we will need a massive effort..Seriously, if arabs relocated into swing states you will hear more about our causes, but as I said we reside in either completly blue or red states, as such the arab and muslim vote doesn't matter..Look at the jewish vote in florida and penselvanya..

I hope that obama wins, not because of his stance but because I feel that he will change the policy toward dictatorships, so maybe just maybe something will come out of all of this..